Why We Love a Mid-Heel Wedding Shoe

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 14 2020

Why We Love a Mid-Heel Wedding Shoe


What is the perfect heel height for a wedding shoe? It’s a question we get a lot but the honest answer there isn’t one! The perfect heel height is the one which is the most comfortable for you. That said, there is some consideration about your dress of course, and you could argue that some styles of dress need a heel, and some really suit a flat for example, but at the end of the day it’s your wedding so really you can go with whatever heel you like!


This is just one of the reasons here at Rachel Simpson we love a mid-heel. Not too high, not too low, a mid-heel is the perfect all rounder. We would classify anything between about 7cm and 8cm as a mid-heel, which is around the three inch mark, and interestingly this used to be seen as the ideal heel height for a traditional wedding shoe.


Quite a large number of our shoes sit on this ideal heel height, and it’s possibly no coincidence that many of them are actually are best selling styles. Mimosa is a great example, sitting on a stylish yet practical 8cm heel. She’s high enough to give you a bit of a ‘lift’ when you walk, but not so high you can’t wait to take your shoes off at the end of the night.

 Rachel Simpson Mimosa rose gold mid-heel wedding shoes nude wedding shoes

Similarly our signature Ginger shoe (so named after the infamous Ginger Rogers), is on the very same 8cm heel, meaning she not only looks like a dancing shoe, but feels like one too with the height adding elegance but not being so high you can’t dance the night away!

 Rachel Simpson Ginger vintage gold wedding shoes dance shoes

For a slightly more sturdy mid-heel we have the gorgeously vintage looking Gardenia II, who’s original shape was taken from a 1920s shoe. Set on a slightly lower 7cm heel, Gardenia II takes a really classic shape and combines it with super pretty applique detailing which looks stunning as it peeps out from underneath any dress!

Rachel Simpson Gardenia II mid-heel wedding shoes

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