Why your shoes need a matching bag

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 05 2020

Why your shoes need a matching bag


Let's talk about matching shoes and bags, a staple of the wedding wardrobe whether you're the bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride or groom. But why do we love matching shoes and bags so much, and do we really need a reason to treat ourselves to the set?

1. It's practical

Okay let's start with the obvious one- having a gorgeous clutch bag on the big day gives you somewhere to store all your day to night essentials. If you're the bride you'll most likely have a bridesmaid or maid of honour in charge of looking after your things, but it's really nice if you can at least make sure they're all in one place so nothing gets forgotten.

You want to go for a matching bag which is big enough to hold all your essentials but still small and unobtrusive. At RS we love a classic envelope clutch or vintage style midi shape.

Rachel Simpson Ophelia wedding shoes and Opal bag

2. It completes your outfit (long after the big day)

If you're planning on wearing your wedding shoes again (and we really hope you do), it's a good idea to get the matching bag. Even if you might not use it for the big day itself, when you next come to wear your shoes- to your friend's wedding, a christening or party.. or perhaps your first wedding anniversary, you'll be thankful for the matching bag to complete your look.

Rachel Simpson Isadora wedding shoes and Quartz glitter bag

3. They're just beautiful!

We started off with good intentions and have given you two very practical reasons why your shoes need a matching bag, but for number three we're going with heart over head! There's just something well, beautiful about a matching clutch- they make such an effortless style statement and really finish off an outfit. All RS bags come with a detachable chain too so you can wear them as a clutch or over your shoulder (when you start to really throw the shapes on the dance floor).

Rachel Simpson Mimosa mint wedding shoes and matching bag Mia

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