Your Something Blue and New... Wedding Shoes!

Heather Mills

Posted on March 23 2020

Your Something Blue and New... Wedding Shoes!


With everything going on right now we wanted to give you some normality and offer some inspiring content if you're at home a lot. On the bright side what better time to plan you're dream wedding!

Most brides have heard the saying, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe." This represented good luck for the bride and if she carried all five, it would ensure a happy marriage. even now brides will try to have at least 4 covered. Let us show you your something blue and new!

Mimosa Blue

Our signature shoe Mimosa is available in a beautiful shade of pastel blue, being a light pastel tone makes it versatile and easy to style with your dress for your big. It gives you a pop of colour without being ott.

Mimosa Blue Wedding Shoe

Isadora Dusky Blue

With the success and popularity of blue wedding shoes, for spring-summer 20 we searched for the perfect new blue shade and we think we've found it! In a lush dusky blue suede with contrasting gold metallic fan detail, this shoe really does make the best of statements!

Isadora Dusky Blue Wedding Shoe


Stephanie is crafted in the same beautiful dusky blue suede as Isadora.  For the more fashion-forward bride who wants a real stand out shoe Stephanie is the blue shoe for you. 

Stephanie Wedding Shoe

Gardenia Blue

A true vintage style Gardenia was designed from an actual 1920's shoe! In the same soft blue leather as Mimosa, Gardenia is a beautifully elegant wedding shoe, which looks great and is oh so comfortable. 

Gardenia Wedding Shoe

If you're buying blue shoes you're going to want a matching bag, right?!

Mia Blue

Mia blue is your perfect match for Mimosa and Gardenia Blue.

Mia Blue Wedding Bag

Sabine Blue 

Gorgeous wedding shoes deserved to be matched with an equally pretty bag. Pair Sabine with Isadora and Stephanie dusky blue.  

 Sabine Blue Wedding Clutch

Click here to shop our full collection. 

So that takes care of your something new and blue, now you just need to think about something old and something borrowed...  

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