Ada Ivory Leather

Ada Ivory Leather

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When we launched back in 2008 we were know for our vintage inspired designs, and whilst the collection has developed since then we’ll always have this at our core, and there’s none as vintage as Ada. It reminds us of an original vintage shoe as it has such delicate stitch work, which you don’t often see any more. The front of each shoe is made up of six individually cut pieces of leather, which are all stitched together to create a gorgeous art deco style fan shape.  With such an intricate feature we kept the rest of the shoe really simple, and just added some really fine gold binding on the edges of the shoe to give a subtle contrast against the ivory leather. We also kept the peep-toe really small, which is a feature of a lot of vintage shoes and looks really flattering- even if you don’t like your toes! The ivory leather has a pearlised finish, which is lovely as it slightly reflects the light rather than being a flat colour. This also means it’s a really versatile tone which goes with a wide range of ivory outfits, and being leather the colour doesn’t need to be as matchy matchy as satin.

There’s something adorable about Ada- she reminds you of the kind of shoe your grandma used to wear, but not in a bad way. We’ve had a few people say their aunties or grandma’s used to have a pair like Ada and that makes us really happy- we like to this of it as grandma chic! It’s a timeless shoe and being on a nice low heel makes them pretty effortless to wear- the perfect summer shoe after the big day.

Complete the look with our gorgeous Agatha bag, which echoes the art deco detail perfectly and is just the right size for all the day's essentials. 

Product Details
Name  Ada
Colour  Ivory
Material  Leather
Sole  Leather
Lining  Leather
Heel Height  6cm
Sizing Information

Pretty true to size, Ada is a great choice for a wider foot.

35 2 4
36 3 5
37 4 6
38 5 7
39 6 8
40 7 9
41 7.5  9.5
42 8 10
43 9  11