Mia Rose Gold

Mia Rose Gold Leather Clutch Bag


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Part sea shell, part art-deco style fan, we designed our Mia bag especially to go with the Mimosa shoe (although we’ve since seen it paired it with a number of styles, which also work really well). We took the idea of the trio of petal shapes which feature on the front of the shoe and made them oversized, to form the main part of the bag. We also kept the way the metallic leather shines through by creating a slight gap in between each panel. The metal frame works perfectly, as each panel tapers out slightly so the bag is wider at the bottom than the top, creating Mia’s distinctive sea shell, or fan shape. There is a vintage style kiss lock at the top of the frame, which closes shut with a satisfying ‘click’, to keep the contents nice and secure.


Mia has a wonderfully vintage look, and you can almost imagine it being used back in the dancehalls of the twenties and thirties. The proportions took us a couple of samples to get just right, as it’s often the more simple looking designs that take some work- too big and it looked a bit clumsy, too small and it was more of a purse than a clutch. The final version however is the perfect size for the day’s essential bits and bobs. Whilst we love it as a clutch there is also a detachable chain which is rather useful, so you can wear it over the shoulder when you need to get on the dancefloor.

Wear with the Mimosa rose gold shoes for the perfect match.

Product Details
Colour  Rose Gold
Material  Leather
Lining  Fabric
Dimensions  21cm x 18cm