Fabia Bronze

Fabia Metallic Bronze Leather Bag

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We love the classic style of our Fabia bag- it definitely has a distinctively vintage feel to it, with its beautiful art deco inspired detailing on the front, and antique finish metallic leather body. Originally designed to match the Floriana shoe, we took the idea of the interlocking straps and adjusted them to add a unique feature on the front of the bag. As with many of the more intricate designs, it took us a few sketches and samples before it was 100% perfect, as it had to be just the right size and proportions. The result is something truly elegant- it’s a slightly larger bag than many in the collection and works particularly well worn on the shoulder (as well as having just that little bit of extra space!). The leather strap is also adjustable so you can get the fit just right, and even wear it across the body if you prefer.


We chose a classic envelope shape as the base of the design, with a structured edge to give a more spacious bag, which means it’s perfect as a day to evening bag as you can fit more than just your basic essentials. It fastens with a metallic clasp that gives a definite closure to keep contents nice and safe. The edge of the envelope shape is finished with elegant binding in subtly contrasting metallic leather. The scalloped leather pieces on the front are what really make Fabia stand out, in the way they interlock elegantly together.

Wear with the perfectly matching Floriana bronze leather shoe for a beautiful combination.

Product Details
Colour  Bronze
Material  Leather
Lining  Fabric
Dimensions  26cm x 15.5cm