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Floriana Bronze Shoes

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There are so many gorgeous colours available when you buy an outfit for that special occasion, but you don’t even think about what shoes you’re going to match them with when you fall in love and take said outfit to the checkout. For all those hard to match outfits, we always recommend a metallic shoe and there’s none more versatile than the elegant Floriana. Part strappy sandal, part peep-toe shoe, this is a super comfortable classic you can simply slip on and wear from day to night no problem. The looped design has a truly vintage look, perfectly complimented by the incredibly intricate stitch work around each piece. We particularly love the exaggerated V-shape of the peep-toe. So chic!

A couple of years ago the design team were in New York, and we grabbed a cab over to Brooklyn to check out their incredible vintage and thrift shops. There was a navy leather pair of shoes in one shop that we both fell in love with. It was a little bit ‘granny chic’, a lot ‘stylish vintage find’. So we bought it, brought it back to the studio and it’s intricate, interlocking pieces became the inspiration behind our now named Floriana. As is often the case, it took us a number of attempts to draw up what we were imagining in our heads- designs with pieces that intertwine are quite often the most tricky. We’re happy to say we got there in the end though, and whilst it took one very talented and experienced pattern cutter at our factory to truly master the intricacies, the resulting shoe could almost pass for an original vintage design.

We designed the beautiful Fabia metallic bronze leather bag to perfectly match the Floriana shoe- it's a stunning combination.

Product Details
Name  Floriana
Colour  Bronze
Material  Leather
Sole  Leather
Lining  Leather
Heel Height  8.5cm
Sizing Information

Fits true to size & is a great option for wider feet.

35 2  4
36 3 5
37 4  6
38 5 7
39 6  8
40 7 9
41 7.5  9.5
42 8 10
43 9 11