Sparkle Comb

Sparkle Comb

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Our Sparkle Shoe Clips have been in the collection longer than any other pair of shoe clips, and is so popular that we decided to introduce a matching hair accessory a few years ago. The Sparkle Comb has a circular detail in the middle which is the same as one of the clips- made up of a round of marquis shaped diamante stones around the outside, with a flower of teardrop shaped pearls and diamante in the middle. There is a further teardrop shaped pearl on either side of the circle, encased by a trio of marquis shaped diamante crystals. Each one is carefully made by hand, using delicate silver wire to bind each diamante and pearl together. The whole thing is set on a wide silver comb, with looped edges to ensure it doesn’t damage your hair or cause any discomfort. We always recommend pushing a few hairgrips through the loops to securely fix the comb in place.


As with all our accessories, the Sparkle Comb was designed by award winning accessory brand Laurel Lime. It has an elegantly classic look, and just as its name suggests it really does sparkle as the multi-faceted crystals catch the light when you move. It is large enough to make a statement, but still small enough to be chic and subtle. One of our favourite ways to wear this comb is at the back of the head, placed in the top of a low-pinned bun. It also works well in a half up do, or even at the side of a twisted chignon.
Product Details
Colour  Silver
Material/Description  Diamante/Pearl
Dimensions  6cm x 5cm