Gardenia II Ivory

Gardenia II Ivory Shoes


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We’re not sure what we love the most about Gardenia- is it the gorgeous petal-esque design on the front of the shoe? Is it the really cute teardrop shaped cut outs at the back? The little cut out at the front where you can slip on a sparkly shoe clip, or the fact that the shoe’s just so incredibly comfy?  Who knows, it’s probably a combination of all these things but this is definitely a favourite, and pretty unique within the collection being one of the only shoes on this unusual, vintage inspired shape. When we first introduced Gardenia to the collection, the strap fastened on a really cute little button, which looked great, but eventually we had to change it to a buckle as this fits a lot better, trust us.

We actually created Gardenia after the success of our iconic Mimosa, as we realised not everyone wanted a peep toe but still loved the design. What we really love (and not a lot of people know), is that the shape of Gardenia was taken from an original 1920’s shoe, which Rachel found in a vintage shop before she even started the business. It’s not a shape you see much on the high street, but if you look back at a lot of the shoes from the twenties it was pretty popular with those flapper girls (think Charleston!). It’s somewhere between a point and a soft almond shaped toe, and what’s also nice is that it’s on quite a low heel, but still looks really elegant when you wear it.

Complete the look with the gorgeous vintage inspired Mia ivory white leather clutch bag.

Product Details
Name  Gardenia
Colour  Ivory
Material  Leather
Sole  Leather
Lining  Leather
Heel Height  7cm
Sizing Information

Fits true to size and is a great option for wider feet.

EU UK USA Approximate length measurement
35 2 4 23cm
36 3 5 24cm
37 4 6 25cm
38 5 7 26cm
39 6 8 27cm
40 7 9 27.5cm
41 7.5  9.5 28cm
42 8 10 28.5cm
43 9  11  29cm