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Top Tips for Pretty Peeptoes

On the rare occasion yours truly gets some free time, we lilke nothing more than a bit of pampering to ensure our feet not only feel good but look good too, especially now summer has arrived and is tempting us into our peeptoes.

Mimi silver blue still life- LOW RES
We’re loving the work of Utopia, one of our favourite places for a treat on the feet, Luisa who works all sorts of beauty miracles gives us some handy tips for twinkly toes.

“Our feet really taking a bashing everyday – remember they take the weight of your whole body and take on average 10,000 steps a day so its important we look after them.

* Wash feet daily and always dry thoroughly between your toes

* Cut and file toe nails straight across – never cut into the sides

* Regular pedicures once every four to six weeks will keep your tootsies in tip top shape and are so relaxing

* Apply cream every day but avoid putting between your toes

* When purchasing new shoes always try them on in the afternoon when feet are a little larger – a good fit and well made shoes are essential, Rachel Simpson Shoes have been designed with comfort as a priority, so there beautiful shoes are good for you too!

* For a quick pick me up you can do at home – soak your feet in a bowl or warm water with a few drops of olive oil and a bag a peppermint tea – this will really revive tired aching feet.

Look after your feet and they will look after you.”

So now your feet are a sight for sore eyes, why not slip on a pair of Rachel Simpson vintage inspired peeptoes, Mimi, Lilly and Eva?

We all love Mimi and you can see why with her array of colour options, her effortless style and with two colour choices currently in our clearance, you could even treat yourself to a pair for each foot!

Lilly in her lace and satin has a classic side bow and is available in stunning ivory or classic black, the perfect finishing touch to a summer bridal gown or an evening cocktail dress.

And last but by no means least, elegant Eva – simply divine on her own or matched with any of our jewel and pearl shoe clips to create a real diva Eva!