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We Heart…Emma Case


We hope you had a lovely day yesterday, full of festive fun, plenty of over-indulgence and general merriment!

Now you have some time to yourself and you are flicking through the pages of your favourite websites (don’t forget our Boxing Day sale!), take five to meet Emma Case. If you are not aware of this amazing young lady, then read on – one hell of a creative, talented photographer with a lover of all things unique and vintage…

Emma Case LogoTell us a bit about your company My name is Emma Case and my little business is ‘Emma Case Photography’.   I live in Birmingham, next to Cadbury World with my cat Maximo and my boy Pete.  I am an alternative wedding photographer who specialises in vintage inspired weddings and love working with couples that like to do things a bit differently.  I shot my first wedding in October 2009 for a friend and by the end of 2010 I will have shot 27 weddings!  It has been the most wonderful year and I am so, so lucky to be shooting what I’m shooting!

Emma Case EliseNick

How did you get into the industry? Pete had proposed to me the same year that he bought me a camera… I started experimenting with the camera and at the same time browsing the internet for wedding ideas… I was typing in ‘vintage’ photographer, ‘alternative‘ photographer and nothing came up.  I then found all these amazing wedding photographs from America and I was hooked!  A friend then asked if I would shoot her wedding… it was a vintage style wedding so I sent it to Rock n’ Roll Bride as that had been a blog that I had been reading and drooling over for a while… Kat blogged the wedding and all of a sudden I had quite a few enquiries.  It pretty much snow balled from there!

Emma Case RockNRollBride-50

Which designer from your industry inspires you and why? Featherlove Photography has been a huge influence to me with regards to style, staying true to who you are, to not be afraid of doing things differently… we were lucky enough to do an Engagement shoot with her when she was in London for a few days.  That was a pretty big moment for me.

Tell us about someone you follow on Twitter that we should be following or an fashion-related blog that our fans should be reading and why. I think if you are in the wedding industry or if you’re a bride then Rock ‘n Roll Bride and Love My Dress are pretty much a sure thing.  You’ll also find everyone else through them too so it’s the perfect place to start!

large logo rock n roll bride


Celebrity shoppers? I am so proud to say that my clients are all genuinely lovely people who I love to spend time with.  No celebrities I’m afraid… but I hope that they feel like a celebrity with their wedding photos

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year? Lots more shooting, lots more weddings, the Designer Vintage Bridal Show, maybe looking at running a workshop, doing a charity project abroad, a better work/life balance…

DVB_logo green low res

In your industry, tell us what you think is going to be hot next season. I think photography is just going to get better and better.  When my first wedding was blogged by Kat, it seemed that most of the weddings featured were American… now we have a good, strong group of British wedding photographers that are exciting, beautiful, alternative, modern, crazy… and we’re all really supportive of each other… it’s a great community to be a part of.

Emma Case RayPhil-284

Describe your personal fashion style. Most of my wardrobe contains floral, vintage dresses.  I’m a sucker for floral. Which is funny because when I was growing up I hated floral (I was a bit of a tom boy).  I’m also partial to a fur coat and a headband.  I love my headbands.

What is your biggest fashion faux pas? A shell suit?… but I was about 11 and I am technically a Scouser so it doesn’t count.

Think back to an early ‘shoe’ purchase when you were younger, describe them please. I had a pair of topshop heels that were a beautiful tan colour with a peep toe and thin straps across the toes… I loved them but couldn’t walk in them very well so used to just look at them a lot and only wear them when I knew I would be sitting down!

What is your favourite pair of Rachel Simpson shoes? I think Mimi are my favourite… they are beautiful and very vintage.. and I know that I would be comfortable wearing them too…

Mimi Ivory pair low res

Describe Rachel Simpson Shoes in three words. Elegant, vintage, luxury

If Rachel Simpson Shoes is known for its vintage inspiration and simply beautiful shoes, what is your company synonymous with?
Honest, emotional and vintage inspired wedding photography