Coco Gold Leather

Coco Gold Leather Clutch Bag


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Our Coco bag is something of a favourite here at Rachel Simpson, largely because it is such a classic wardrobe staple that will be your go to for any occasion. A gorgeous structured rectangular frame with soft rounded edges and a statement kiss lock fastening, it doesn’t need any embellishment- sometimes less is most definitely more. The bag is made from leather or suede, which are complimented perfectly by the high shine metal frame. It looks great as a classic clutch but there’s also a detachable chain inside so you can wear it over your shoulder when you need to dance, or try and eat canapés whilst also balancing a glass of prosecco (the struggle is real).


We wanted to introduce a box bag into the collection for quite a while before we actually did, and one of the reasons was that we were pretty fussy, and the shape had to be just right! Coco was our very first box bag, and when we finally found the frame we were rather happy. It’s the perfect size- small enough to be a definite clutch, but large enough to fit your phone (including the extra size varieties), your cards, keys, a mini hairbrush and your make up essentials. You might not need all that of course, but these are the things we think about! There is something satisfyingly substantial about a box bag, not least the way the clasp gives you that definite ‘clunk’ as you close it up. The structured frame not only looks great, it’s also rather practical as you can easily see your stuff when you open in (plus there no risk of it getting squashed!).

Coco in gold leather is one of the most versatile bags in the collection, and compliments a wide variety of shoes. Try it with our Ginger or, Maria gold dancing shoes or Gigi gold party shoes.

Product Details
Colour  Gold
Material  Leather
Lining  Fabric
Dimensions  20cm x 13cm x 5.5cm